WEFINDIMMO Real Estate Buyer's Agent Service Fee

How do we work ?

First, we sign a contract with our customers to start a personalized property search and make a primary selection of the properties in the market. We make the search and visit all suitable properties and select the ones that most closely match your requirements.  We will send a detailed report for your review saving you hours of time visiting property that you might not be interested in.  Once you have chosen which properties you wish to visit, we will make all arrangements and accompany you to each of your choices.

Our fees are based on your purchase of the property; therefore, there will be no up-front cost to you.  You do not pay us until the purchase and the signature in the notary office, according to the French "Hoguet law".

Our remuneration is calculated by percentage of the net property price excluding notary fee and particular cases stated following: 

Property price less than 200 000€ : 4,50% including vat (with a minimum of 3600€)
Property price higher or equal to 200 000€ : 3,50% including vat
Property price higher or equal to 500 000€ : 3,00% including vat
Property price higher or equal to 750 000€ : 2,50% including vat
Property price higher or equal to 1 million€ : 2,00% including vat

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Why do we work on exclusive contract base?

We work for buyer's benefit and our search is very personalized so we proceed by exclusive contract to complete our mission for you.

An exclusive contract is first of all a guaranty of serenity and transparency with a single interlocutor from our company who devotes himself to your research project. This will avoid any external interference such as double search by our customers in the same property. We can thus be more concentrated on our procedure and our search will be more effectively targeted and relevant.

An exclusive contract base is also very important when we negotiate with the third party, and to save money for our customers, in addition that our service fee is among the more reasonable in the market.

Our exclusive contract is based on 3 months minimum starting from the signature date.

You can contact us for more details or information.

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Particular cases

If there is another professional intermediary party involved in the sale of the property (such as real estate agent, agent from notary office), according to different possible negotiations, we drop our fees to you by signing an agreement.

Prices are subject to change without prior notice according to the real estate market.

Update 01/05/2017

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