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How does WEFINDIMMO property hunter can help ?

Le Palais des Papes dans la ville d'Avignon en Provence

The Responsiveness, Availability, Mobility as well as a good ability to communicate in language such as English and Chinese, are the major advantages of our team. We are always available to listen to our customers' needs and provide personalized property management and search.

No matter where you are, anywhere in France, in the world, near or far away, you are accompanied by our professional team, during your property search.

Our property search experience

Gordes Village Perché dans le Luberon en région PACA

When we decided to move, even with our knowledge of the area, working full-time jobs and trying to coordinate our search from a distance, we found it difficult to arrange all the details.
So we understand how important it is to have the assistance of a local professional during your search.

That's why we decide to create our company and to offer our service.

Besides our wide experiences and knowledge of the area, our international team is speaking for three languages: FrenchEnglish and Chinese.

Our service is always availablepersonalized, and very reliable.

Distance is not a problem for our team. We will assist you to find your lodging and help you get settled in your new location.

Why invest in South of France ?

Village de Moustiers Sainte-Marie en région PACA

Southern France is one of the most attractive regions in France. Four reasons to make your property investment in South of France :

1. Dynamic Economy in the area Provence-Alps-Côte d'Azur.
2. Career Growth, competitive and very important international projects such as (ITER.…)
3. A high resale rate on property investment, the average property price is still reasonable and affordable in most of towns and villages of this area.
4. Land of welcome: Life quality, ranked schools (international schools), sunshine, beautiful landscape, very closed to the sea and mountain at same time.

Our Engagements

We are commited to finding the right solution for your needs and have the experience to achive this goal. We can customize our service according to your needs and react to your requirements for the every single step during your search, including meeting your lead time as a one to one representative.

Financial guarantee

Garantie Financière SOCAF

WEFINDIMMO is member of SOCAF, with financial guaranty for amount 110 000 €

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